Take Back our Health: A Busy Mom’s Guide to Eating Well

Take Back our Health: A Busy Mom’s Guide to Eating Well

I often hear moms today talk about how they can’t squeeze eating well and taking care of themselves into their schedules. We often look for a quick fix or a fad diet or we postpone our health to a future time – a fictitious time where we will have all the time in the world for good health. Both strategies don’t work. What works is … common sense, commitment and consistency!

Today’s post will introduce eight simple concepts that are not quick fixes, not sexy or fad diets, and not commercially popular. Rather they will question much of what we are told and sold today. We need to reeducate ourselves about eating and nutrition, and to understand that we have been fed a lot of misinformation regarding food! Again, these suggestions are not quick fixes, these are ideas that need to be integrated onto our lives long term – commitment and consistency are the name of the game.

Having lived through two pregnancies, and two post-pregnancies, I understand the juggling act of taking care of ourselves. I also get that, as moms, we have a lot less time, energy and resources to eat well and exercise. I know moms don’t have a lot of time to prep for meals or even eat meals, but moms ARE the most efficient human beings I know. We can make anything work, in a limited amount of time, when it comes to our families; it is time we prioritize ourselves too.

The concepts below, don’t actually take more time, they simply take the knowledge and understanding that much of what we are told and sold in today’s world is not benefiting our health. We need to take back our health. There is false advertising, fad diets, addictive foods, and addictive chemicals all working against us. For the most part, the food industry does not have our best interest at heart, rather the bottom line takes precedent. We must relearn basic concepts about the foods we choose to eat.

Here are my eight concepts to taking back our health and eating well. COMMITMENT to and CONSISTENCY with a few simple concepts are our best defense in a world filled with advertisements, quick fixes and fads and are the key to our successfully living a vital, strong and healthy life.

  1. Limit sugar intake and understand where sugar resides and hides in our foods
  2. Avoid eating meals that solely consist of refined carbohydrates, and understand the importance of protein and fiber in our meals
  3. Be aware of high sugar/high carbohydrate foods masquerading as health foods
  4. Explore meal and snack options that are grain-free
  5. Understand that low-fat foods often have greater amounts of sugar, and that healthy fats are essential to our health
  6. Vary the colors of your vegetables and fruits every day; the different colors offer varied nutrients that are essential to our health
  7. Replace juice, soda, and sports drinks with water; coffee and tea are okay in moderation and best taken in the morning
  8. Shop the periphery of the supermarket; choose wholefoods over processed and packaged foods

I operate under the following assumptions. It does not take more time to grab an apple than it does a bag of chips. It does not take more time to order a salad instead of a bowl of pasta in a restaurant. It does not take more time to pour a glass of water than a glass of soda. It does not take more time to buy fruits and vegetables than chips, crackers and cookies. Prepping and preparing veggies may take time, but it’s time well spent! I timed it this morning, it only took 3 and ½ more minutes to make scrambled eggs than to pour a bowl of cereal (granted I like my eggs runny).  What it does take is knowledge, and an openness to question the myths we have been told and sold over the past decades regarding food.

Stay tuned to future Mommy Tune-up posts in the coming months for eight specific posts on each of the above eight concepts and how we can incorporate these concepts into our busy lives.

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Dr. Jenn Krebs Rapkin, ND

Dr. Jenn Krebs Rapkin is a naturopathic physician and a mom.  The author of two blogs, she writes about the challenges and benefits of living a healthy and mindful life.  Dr. Rapkin finds insight and humor in the daily experiment we call life, especially in the busy mom’s pursuit of sanity and good health.  If she’s not writing, teaching, or seeing patients, she is feeling equally overwhelmed and overjoyed as the mom of two young children.

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