Mind-Body Medicine

Dr. Jenn Krebs Rapkin has always had a strong passion for and curiosity in the connection between the body and the mind.  To her, mind body medicine is the bridge between how we feel about ourselves and our physical health.  On the one hand, the thoughts we think and the emotions we feel have a profound effect on our physical well-being; on the other hand, the food we eat, the amount of sleep we get, and the amount of pain or discomfort we feel in our bodies cannot help but affect our mental and emotional health. It is something that is so often overlooked in conventional medicine.  There is rarely time to adequately address a patient’s stress level or emotional state during an average visit to the doctor and even less time available to talk about any real solutions.

Dr. Rapkin has made it her mission professionally to create a therapeutic environment for her patients that fosters a sense of respect and safety and that allows enough time so that both the physical and emotional aspects of an individual can be explored.  Her individual treatment protocols typically include lifestyle modifications, dietary recommendations, exercise or movement regimens, and stress reduction techniques.  As a physician, Dr. Rapkin is committed to finding what speaks to, inspires and nurtures an individual’s inner self; guiding patients toward finding meaning in and connection to how they live their lives will give them the best chance at achieving their health goals.

Dr. Rapkin specializes in mind-body medicine and holistic and integrative mental health.  Her decision to specialize and focus on the mind-body connection embodies the principles that she so strongly believes in – to find what you are most passionate about and to find where you can be the most effective, the happiest, and the most fulfilled.