Welcome to The Mommy Tune-Up

Welcome to The Mommy Tune-Up

Welcome to The Mommy Tune-up, a new blog solely devoted to the busy mom’s pursuit of sanity and good health!

Becoming a mom has been, by far, the most wonderful and most overwhelming adventure of my life. I am a naturopathic physician whose passion has always been to help others, as well as myself, lead the healthiest lives we are capable of living. For moms to embrace and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, we must make ourselves a priority and carve out time just for ourselves. However, as a mom myself, I know all too well that finding time for myself often feels more like moving mountains than a reality within my grasp.

We are mothers, and we are caretakers – caretakers who often take care of everyone but ourselves. We juggle the well-being of our families with our own.  We find our physical and emotional health taking a back seat to the long to-do lists in front of us each day.  For many of us, we live in a constant state of exhaustion and depletion, where sleep and eating take precedent over the self-care rituals we once took for granted (like exercise, showering, and brushing our teeth).

I am excited to focus the content of this new blog on the overextended mom’s pursuit of health, well-being and sanity. I hope to make my weekly posts unique in that I will combine helpful insight on health, nutrition, and fitness with commentary and suggestions on living a mindful and emotionally healthy life – all amidst the chaos of motherhood.   My goal is to offer words that will encourage, inspire, guide, and motivate moms to realize their health potential and to live vital and fulfilling lives.

I understand, as moms, taking care of ourselves is a challenge. Yet I also believe, with great conviction, that caring for ourselves is of paramount importance to our sanity, our health and our survival. Many call motherhood and caring for our families, our most important job or our highest calling; while I agree motherhood is a high calling, I believe our relationship with ourselves is and continues to be the most important relationship we will have in our lives. When we take good care of ourselves and make ourselves a priority, we have so much more to offer those in our lives … and we can more fully embrace and enjoy our own lives.

Here’s to our journey as moms. And here’s to making that journey as meaningful, purposeful and healthy as possible. Stay tuned for my weekly blog posts on how to care for ourselves amidst the craziness and magnificence of motherhood.


The Mommy Tune-up is a blog solely devoted to the busy mom’s pursuit of sanity and good health!

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Dr. Jenn Krebs Rapkin, ND

Dr. Jenn Krebs Rapkin is a naturopathic physician and a mom.  The author of two blogs, she writes about the challenges and benefits of living a healthy and mindful life.  Dr. Rapkin finds insight and humor in the daily experiment we call life, especially in the busy mom’s pursuit of sanity and good health.  If she’s not writing, teaching, or seeing patients, she is feeling equally overwhelmed and overjoyed as the mom of two young children.

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