What an office visit entails


What does a visit with Dr. Krebs entail?

Dr. Krebs works with patients on both a short- and long-term basis.  Many patients come to Dr. Krebs for an initial assessment of their health concerns and for guidance toward their health goals.  In two to three visits, Dr. Krebs will give them a starting place from which to move forward: a nutritional plan usually including the elimination or avoidance of certain foods; lifestyle modifications and recommendations, including exercise,  movement, and stress reduction techniques; and, if appropriate, nutritional, herbal, and/or homeopathic supplements.

An initial visit with Dr. Krebs will run between an hour and an hour and a half.  She will take a thorough medical history, including both an emotional and physical health history.  The medical history uncovers what a patient eats; determines his/her stressors, behaviors, and coping mechanisms; reviews his/her daily exercise or movement; and discusses the patient’s current health goals and past challenges. Testing may be ordered when appropriate to assess adrenal, endocrine and immune function as well as to reveal any nutritional deficiencies.

Based on how the patient chooses to proceed with Dr. Krebs, subsequent visits will focus on stress management and stress reduction as well as the challenges that arise in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.  As outlined in Services and Therapies, Dr. Krebs offers patients wishing to do more in-depth, longer-term mind-body work many options: meditation instruction and guidance; breath and body awareness techniques; guided imagery and visualization; biofeedback; and emotion-focus bodywork.  Some patients choose to see Dr. Krebs for as little as a few visits while others see Dr. Krebs over the span of weeks or months for more focused stress management.  Dr. Krebs strives to create a healing relationship with patients that allow them to call upon her periodically and during higher stress times to offer support and guidance.  Patients interested in emotion-focused bodywork  will work with Dr. Krebs on a longer term basis.